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In Radiki we believe that man should begin to return to the primary forms of food and leave behind the manufactured foods that have prevailed in everyday diet .Radiki was  created to remind people the pure and beneficial foods of Greek Earth that have been forgotten


Natural food


Living within nature man was surrounded by food and all he had to do was to collect. Wild grasses, roots, herbs, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, selected and prepared with wisdom, were daily at the table of the Greeks ensuing health and longevity.







The gastronomy is a composite Greek word derived from "gastra", which means stomach and "law." It is surprising that nowadays the term is used in almost all Romance languages to describe the technical processing of food in order to create new flavors.



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Environmental care

In Radiki we recognize that our activity is not part of the natural life circle and therefore has an impact on the environment. It would be ideal if one day, man returned to nature and did not need our services.

A great deal of energy is spent on the transportation of our goods in order to ensure that you receive them in the freshest state possible. The least we can do is to try to minimize our own the environmental impact. (more)


Hippocrates believed that food was the human's medicine. Today,  food is the reason that people need medicine.

Latest News


The first year of oil to the Center of the Earth .. and in our first package


For the second time in Paris. Had a fantastic time (more)

Radiki at Andro.gr

Goods of Greek land

Wild Greens

Wild greens are one of the most complete foods that offer the Earth creatures that live in it. (more)

Olive Oil

Radiki, in collaboration with local growers produce high quality olive oil.(more)

Sundried Fruits

Drying was the basic technique of food preservation for thousands of years before the discovery of the refrigerator. (more)

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