Environmental care

Environmental Care


In Radiki we recognize that our activity is not part of the natural life circle and therefore has an impact on the environment. It would be ideal if one day, man returned to nature and did not need our services.

A great deal of energy is spent on the transportation of our goods in order to ensure that you receive them in the freshest state possible. The least we can do is to try to minimize our own the environmental impact.


  •     90% of the materials used for the transportation and packaging of the goods are natural (wood, paper, cloth, cane, etc)
  •     We don’t dispose of almost anything, and in co-operation with our partners all the packaging materials are returned and re-used.
  •     We try to make sure our deliveries only go out on specific days every week.
  •     We travel by bicycle or on foot whenever possible.
  •     We do not collect greens in big quantities in order to ensure that some of them are able to mature, and in doing so, are able to disperse new seeds into the ground.
  •     We never uproot the wild greens, thus contributing to the maintenance and development of the Greek flora. We collect them using sharp knives that accelerate the cutting and do not destroy the roots of the plant.





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