Olive oil

Olive oil

Olive oil is considered the gold of the Greek land.

Radiki, in co-operation with small local farmers, produces premium olive oils that adhere to the following guidelines:

  •     They are extra virgin oils with an acidity level of less than 0, 5°.
  •     They come from non-watered trees in the areas of Messinia and Laconia.
  •     They come from specific producers and they are not a mixture of many different olive oils.
  •     No chemical pesticides are used in the cultivation of the olives.
  •     The maximum extraction temperature of the oil is 35 degrees Celsius.
  •     The olive oil is extracted in under 20 hours from the time of collection.

Based on these guidelines, we offer the following types of olive oil:

  1.     Organic: Organic olive oil comes from olives that have been cultivated with natural manure and other organic matters.
  2.     Natural cultivation: Oil that comes from olives that have not been cultivated at all. No matters have been used, the ground is not tilled and the trees are not pruned.
  3.     The Olive juice.

The oil of this category comes from olives of natural cultivation and is the most premium olive oil in the world. The extraction of this oil a unique process that leads to an excellent result. The olives are collected by hand or with little combs and placed in boxes and not in sacks where they are pressed and damaged. The olives are transferred directly to a traditional oil press where the oil is extracted under a natural temperature.

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