Trachanas is a traditional Greek pasta, which has its roots in the wheat mash consumed by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It is made from goat and sheep milk, eggs and flour and has a grainy and irregular shape.

There are many different types, such as sour, sweet, thick and thin. In the  traditional recipe it is cooked as a thin or thick soup and is boiled plain or with tomato and herbs. It is frequently served with Feta or Mijithra cheese. Radiki’s trachanas is made out of the purest raw materials and does not include any industrialized product.

The milk is only from goats and sheep that live free in vast areas and eat pure grass and not industrial animal food . It is collected in the morning just before its preparation and transferred directly to the workroom.

The eggs are from chickens that only eat natural food and live in wide areas. Just like the milk, they are collected fresh on the morning of preparation.

The flour or crushed grain that in used in our pasta  is made out of the traditional Greek wheat variety, which is cultivated without the use of pesticides in the area of Laconia. It is milled with stones in old mills and packed in textile bags without the addition of any kind of preservative.

Exactly the same processes are followed for the preparation of other kinds of pasta such as macaroni and hylopites.






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