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In Radiki, we believe that the humans have to start returning to the primitive forms of nurtition and start abandoning the industrialized foods that have invaded in everyday nutrition.




Gastronomy is a composite Greek word which originates from the words “Gastra”, which means stomach and the word “nomia” which means law. It is curious that nowadays this term is used to describe the technique of food processing  aimed  creating new flavours.


Natural food

Natural food: the food that is offered to humans directly by nature without any intervention.

In the past 3500 years, the civilizations that have developed in the blessed Hellenic area, established a diet based more on the rich flora and less on the fauna of the area. Living in nature, man was literally surrounded by his food and the only thing he had to do was to collect it. Wild greens , roots , herbs ,fruits and fresh vegetables , carefully collected and cooked with wisdom, were on the table of the Greeks daily, ensuring them good health and longevity.


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