Gastronomy is a composite Greek word which originates from the words “Gastra”, which means stomach and the word “nomia” which means law. It is curious that nowadays this term is used to describe the technique of food processing  aimed  creating new flavours.

The nutritional value of  food has been put on the back burner, and the law of the stomach has given to the law of the palate.

Contemporary culinary magicians use the most scarce materials from all over the world, to combine the most non- combinable foods, creating complicated tastes and conquering the pages of lifestyle magazines with their fashion restaurants. What if their vegetables are born from modified seeds and are impregnated with pesticides, what if their fish comes frozen from fish farms, what if their meats come from animals that grow up in cages and are fed on other animals. Even the worst raw material can be transformed into a flavorsome dish.

Humans have become so addicted to these artificial tastes that they have forgotten the real flavors of nature. Everything has become become either sweet or salty, with bitter, tart or sour having all but disappeared  from our table . The quality of raw materials has become secondary to the over emphasized value of taste, which has ensured a straying from food’s  initial target, which is to identify what is useful for our organism and avoid what is harmful.






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