Natural food

Natural food

Natural food: the food that is offered to humans directly by nature without any intervention.

In the past 3500 years, the civilizations that have developed in the blessed Hellenic area, established a diet based more on the rich flora and less on the fauna of the area. Living in nature, man was literally surrounded by his food and the only thing he had to do was to collect it. Wild greens , roots , herbs ,fruits and fresh vegetables , carefully collected and cooked with wisdom, were on the table of the Greeks daily, ensuring them good health and longevity.

The intervention of man was limited to planting and looking after his home gardens, trees and his few animals in order to secure a part of his food. Most of the natural goods were eaten fresh and if something had to be conserved, it was dried or salted. Even if our grandmothers could not understand the qualities of their foods in gastronomical or scientific terms, they always (even during the wars) managed to offer delicious and nutritious meals to their family.

The accumulated experience of many centuries built α valuable knowledge on the finding of food, which passed from generation to generation and was the most basic survival tool.

Nowadays this knowledge is in danger of dying out, as the residents of contemporary cities neither collect nor deal with the production of their food. They are oblivious to the wild edible wild greens that grow independently in their garden and they have never seen a tree develop from its seed. They depend exclusively on farmers, wholesalers and supermarkets, and thus have gone from independent collector to consumer.


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