Molocha-Malva sp.

Molocha-Malva sp

Alternative names: Mouloucha, ampelocha
Family: Malvaceae

Annual plant reaches 90 cm . Is found almost everywhere in uncultivated places . Gather leaves and tender tops from the winter to the spring bloom .

The leaves are eaten boiled with other herbs, or are stuffed .

In the villages of France often add raw potatoes in their formative tops and leaves of the Mallow why facilitate the functioning of the kidneys .

In the pharmaceutical used as an emollient and expectorant . Softens corns on the feet, while the juice is used as a foot bath to relax tired feet .

It is also used in cases of bronchial cough , laryngitis , bowel , colic , gastritis , cystitis , diarrhea , sprains , while considered a cure for epilepsy . The juice heals bites bee or wasp .

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