Radiki-Cichorium intybus

Family: Asteraceae

One of the most popular herbs, which are found in most areas of our country , is chicory.

The radishes are categorized and distinguished cichorium wild and tame leaved chicory or otherwise .

Wild chicory bitter taste and have narrow leaves. On the other hand , the day chicory ( endive ) grown during the whole year and is leaved , with a sweeter flavor than wild chicory .

The radishes are rich in vitamins B1 , B2 and carotenoids as well as minerals such as K , Na , P, and Mg . The greens have been known since ancient times . It is already mentioned in a papyrus of 4000 BC while Galen called it "friend of the liver ."

Before, folk healers used the radishes for treating diseases of the liver and bile . Plus it has been shown by clinical studies that contained an ingredient , chicory , provides therapy in liver diseases .

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