Altrernative names: Agrioradiko, pikralida,
Family: Asteraceae

Native perennial plant that grows all over the world and reaches a height of 25 cm . It is found in uncultivated places and in fields like weed. Easily propagated from seed in spring .

The leaves are serrated , dissimilar smaller than the common chicory cichorium. The flowers popping of small shoots from the base of the plant are small and have serrated golden color .

The dandelion picked from winter to spring and eaten raw in salads or boiled , plain or with meat .

Finally, the dandelion is a strong diuretic and reduces the amount of fluid in the body , but unlike other diuretics that cause potassium loss leaves contain large amounts of potassium to provide the body .

The root and leaves are used for the prevention and combating of gallstones .

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